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pricey yash thknx for reply So shud not get puzzled but just carry on acknowleding the items baised on logic reasonig

This is certainly factually Incorrect.Specified animal species have an innate sensation of self and right and wrong. You need to examine altruism in the animal kingdom which can be sadly lacking in abrahmic religions

yeh shankar kon hai jiski tu jaijaikar kar raha hai? kiya tune dhekha hai shankar ko? agar han to kahan dekha hai? moorti mein?

@rsdfgg,pahle bhi major kah chuka hu ki mai eshwar ko belief nahi karta balki janta hu.mera sara jor janane par hai.manana mat,janana.janana aur manana bahot fark hai.ped ko tum jante ho ki mante ho?suraj ko tum jante ko Hello mante ho?ha.ha.ha.janana yane bodh manana yani abodh.tum zara janane ki taraf kadam uthao kyo allah ko person rahe ho????ha.ha.ha…..jano to pata chalta hai ALLAH EK MITHAK HAI EK ZUTH IS LIYE TO TUM VISHWAS PAR TIKE HO JANANE KI KOSHISH NAHI KARTE MANO.

A. ~ We are saying: ‘Knowledge is to 2 varieties, immediate and inferential. Suppose fever impacts your body of a healthcare male in addition to of a layman. The healthcare person, on account of his Distinctive information, putting the trigger as well as the effect jointly, infers the reason for the fever. Not so Using the lay man, but he, far too, though devoid of the Exclusive knowledge of the medical person, is aware that there's no influence with out a bring about and as he experiences the effects of fever relates to are aware that he need to are responsible of some irregularity in eating plan, and so forth. In the same way, God, who is just, can't give soreness or pleasure to any overall body with no his acquiring carried out negative or fantastic actions.

Truly, In the Vedas it is alleged, narayana-parah sarve na kutascana bibhyati. If one is often a God-recognized soul, he's not afraid of something. Folks everywhere in the earth have gone through ordeals, which make them arrive nearer to the path of self realization. There are so many people who went in the battlefields, focus camps, bombing raids. And within their hearts they retain the Reminiscences of People moments when death was around, every time they had been virtually torn in parts, plus they professional a glimpse in their eternal character.

I didn not know from in which you are declaring with out quotation that He(God) is like a huge amoeba who keeps changing shape and it has boundaries.

This seems to be the weirdest issue on the planet, especially In any case that We've got learnt until now. However it can be done. Sensing an adrenalin hurry? Relaxed down. It is easy to comprehend. We have to realize that the active theory in our human body will be the soul by itself, along with the soul transmigrates from 1 physique to a different at enough time of Dying.

Arab Muslims usually are not the only kinds who can converse Arabic. Arabs of other faiths talk the language fluently likewise. They do not have any more info language barrier to Talking Arabic and reading the Koran in Arabic.

kiya hum us medical professional par vishwas kar lein ? yeh to andhvishwas hua na aur tere kehne k hisab se kisi bhi andheki cheez ko nahi manna chahiyee? to vedon k ishwar ko tune dekha hai kiya? agar nahi dekha aur manta hai to phir tu bhi to andvishwasi hua na??

One who conducts noble actions obtains noble life in up coming births with solid entire body and sharp intellect. Those who conduct terrible deeds get delivery in reduce species.

But Mughal invasion commenced in 1526, invaded and ruled the vast majority of India through the late 17th and early 18th generations, and ended in the mid-19th century.

two. Vedas genuinely believe in worship of 1 and Just one God/ Ishwar: did any one deny that? and my humble ask for is always to Everyone that if you suspect in veda then comply with it…

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